Carpet Replacement

After 21 years we are excited to finally get the worn and unsafe carpet inside the VRAC replaced.  This has been a multi-year project 

The project has been broken into three phases. Each phase is expected to take between 3-4 days to complete.  Phase 1 begins January 15th, and the project is expected to be completed by January 26th.  

Phase 1 = Green
Phase 2 = Blue
Phase 3 = Olive

Everything must be moved off the old carpet before it can be replaced. Staff will be tearing down every cubicle and office. Occupants can help by boxing up their belongings. There is very little storage space so it’s most helpful if you can take your appliances and boxes home temporarily. Boxes are available throughout the lab, but please return them when done so we can get our deposit back.

The lab will be closed to general use between January 12 and the 26. We will send announcements as spaces are available for use again.