2023 Graduate Student Poster Competition

Graduate Student Research Poster Competition

Calling all graduate students, it’s time to showcase your creativity and brag about the work you’re doing, and win some prizes along the way! Prizes will be awarded for how well you can visually and verbally present your research poster. After the competition your posters will be displayed in the hallways and conference rooms, with special prominence given to the major prize winners. The competition is open to all graduate students currently enrolled in the HCI Graduate Program or graduate student performing research at VRAC.

Event Information

  • Date: Thursday April 20st from 1:00 to 3:30pm
  • Location: Howe Hall atrium
  • Refreshments will be provided.

Grand Prizes

  • $100 – 1st place
  • $75 – 2nd place
  • $50 – 3rd place
  • More prizes yet to be announced.

Submission Rules

  • Submission Deadline – April 16th
  • Upload a PDF and a JPG of your poster to the Google Drive folder by April 16.Poster Size: 40″ x 32″ (16:9 aspect ratio). Landscape orientation preferred.
  • Research posters must be related to a project you worked on, but the research project does not need to be active.
  • Research content must be cleared for release by the project Principle Investigator before poster can be printed.
  • All posters must use a VRAC logo and ISU wordmark (see information below).
  • Multiple submissions allowed by the same graduate student.

Judging Criteria

Judging will be based upon the visual appearance of the project display, its technical merits, quality of the overall project, the quality and ease of understanding of the poster, and the clarity of the brief project presentation by the student. Judges will rate students’ presentations on their abstract, research design, visual and verbal presentation. Additional criteria include: 

  • objective of the project
  • quality of the methods and analysis
  • rationale
  • significance
  • creativity or uniqueness

Each student presenter should plan for a 5-min presentation going over the research poster.

Scoring Rubric (PDF)


All graduate students currently enrolled in the HCI Graduate Program or performing research at VRAC.