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Alex Renner
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MS, Summer 2008

Home Dept: Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

MS Dissertation title: Computer aided process planning for rapid prototyping using a genetic algorithm

MS Advisor(s): Eliot Winer and Matt Frank

Area of MS research: An automated rapid prototyping process that uses a CNC milling machine was under development. The process creates a metal part out of a cylindrical piece of stock material, machining away the unnecessary material. My thesis develops a process plan that chooses an End Mill size, and machining orientation. It uses a genetic algorithm to calculate the best set of variables to machine the part in the shortest amount of time.

Employment upon graduating:
academicPhD Student
Iowa State University
Ames, IA

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
Computational Perception was very valuable. It gave me a unique perspective on the future of some of the technologies I've worked with. But the other two classes will need to be used if I am to find success with any of the technical projects I take on.

Favorite graduate school memory: Finally getting my application to work well after many late nights of hard work.

HCI issues that interest me: I'm very interested in virtual design and prototyping. I also would like to see the use of Haptics in free-form product design.

A website recommend, and why: Wikipedia.
As much bad press as it gets, if there is something you don't know about, you can always get started finding keywords, or external links that helps you get over that initial research block.

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