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Helen Colvin
PhD, Spring 2008

Home Dept: LOMIS

PhD Dissertation title: The acceptance of domestic technology: TAM as applied to a proposed classification scheme

PhD Advisor: Anthony Townsend and Brian Mennecke

Area of PhD research: TAM is a survey-based model of technology acceptance; I used this survey to gather data on undergraduate students' acceptance of four technologies found in the home, each from a different quadrant of a classification scheme I proposed. I then analyzed this with respect to demographic and attitudinal data also gathered in the survey to determine the validity of my classification scheme, and the applicability of TAM to domestic technology.

Employment upon graduating:
Systems QA Analyst
Wells Fargo
Des Moines, IA

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
All of the core classes were essential, especially my research methods course; the best elective I took toward my dissertation was JLMC 576 because of the relevance of technology diffusion to technology acceptance.

Favorite graduate school memory: What was your favorite Graduate School memory? My second year in the program I discovered that the Society of Women Engineers conference was going to be quite close - in Kansas City - and would have an emerging technologies theme. I organized several women from the program and we had a great time there.

HCI issues that interest me: Technology acceptance is still my main area of interest, not only in how improved acceptance can improve organizations' productivity but also how individuals in less fortunate circumstances can improve their lives by accepting the right technologies, and what their barriers are.

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