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Denise Bacher
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MS, Spring 2008

Home Dept: Art and Design

MS Dissertation title: Design patterns in level design: common practices in simulated environment construction

MS Advisor(s): Steven Herrnstadt

Area of MS research: The creation of video game levels is an inexact and often intuitive process. Currently, much of level design focuses on the "how" as opposed to the "why." That is to say, level designers know how to build a level, but do not know why they built it the way they did. Before more immersive player experiences can occur, an understanding of what levels are, what common functionality exists between them, and a means of consistently reproducing player behaviors is necessary. The author advances the premise that by examining the use of design patterns in architecture, computer science, and interaction design, a foundation can be created to better characterize commonly occurring problems and solutions within level design. When multiple patterns are applied, the group becomes a language. This language can then be used as a means for creating novel levels as well as a lexicon for analyzing existing games.

Employment upon graduating:
Model Metrics
Chicago, IL

Current activity: Program and develop video games.

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
ME 557, Arch 534, ArtIS 509, ArtGR 672

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