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K.C. Dohse
MS, Fall 2007

Home Dept: Psychology

MS Dissertation title: Effects of Field of View and Stereo Graphics on Memory in Immersive Command and Control

MS Advisor(s): Derrick Parkhurst and Jim Oliver

Area of MS research: 100 subjects navigated inside a simulation that had five different levels of field of view (changed via number of walls used) and or stereo graphics. Recorded memory scores and used questionnaires to identify situation awareness, similuator sickness, presence and workload.

Employment upon graduating:
San Jose, CA

Current activity: Human factors work on the display/ interface elements of a jet that is currently in development.

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
The HCI seminar helped me stay on top of current technologies and issues.

Favorite graduate school memory: It was a lot of fun to demo things for politicians and the public

HCI issues that interest me: Multitouch and pervasive technology.

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