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Josh Reed
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MS, Summer 2007

Home Dept: Geologicak and Atmospheric Sciences

MS Dissertation title: The Paleontological Stratigraphic Interval Construction and Analysis Tool (PSICAT).

MS Advisor(s): Cinzia Cervato

Area of MS research: My thesis describes the design, development, and testing of the Paleontological Stratigraphic Interval Construction and Analysis Tool (PSICAT), an interactive, cross-platform environment for creating, viewing, and editing core description diagrams.

Employment upon graduating:
Senior Software Developer
Refractr LLC
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

Current activity: I work as the primary IT person for ANDRILL, the Antarctic geological drilling program. My job requires me to do basically anything computer-related, but the majority of my time is spent managing the data collected during our drilling expeditions; developing software for capturing, analyzing, and visualizing the expedition data; and managing ANDRILL's web presence.

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
I found Stat 332X invaluable to my success. It made me think critically about visualizing information and data, which has been useful to a lot of the work I've been doing. I also found IE 574 to be a great introduction to HCI concepts.

HCI issues that interest me: I'm mainly interested in new and innovative ways of capturing and visualizing data.

A website recommend, and why: There isn't a single website I recommend. Instead, invest in a good RSS reader (either a traditional application or a webapp like Google Reader) and start collecting RSS feeds. This will allow you to sift through a lot more information quickly. Some of my favorite RSS feeds include Coding Horror, InfoQ, specific technology feeds (like Planet Java, Planet Eclipse, Planet RDF, About Groovy, Scala Blog), and Digg.

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