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Pasha Antonenko
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PhD, Summer 2007

Home Dept: Curriculum and Instruction

PhD Dissertation title: The effect of leads on cognitive load and learning in a conceptually rich hypertext environment

PhD Advisor: Ann Thompson and Dale Niederhauser

Area of PhD research: The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of leads (link comments) on cognitive load and learning in a conceptually rich hypertext environment. Assessment of the effect of leads was approached through measurement of cognitive load and learning performance. Subjective and objective methods, including self-reported mental effort, reading time, and electroencephalogram, were employed to measure cognitive load. Subjects' learning performance was assessed using measures of recall, conceptual, and structural knowledge. Results suggest that leads are a potentially useful tool for supporting learning and reducing ineffective cognitive load associated with split attention. Leads may help educators circumvent working memory limitations, and better align presentation of information in hypertext with human cognitive architecture, which will ultimately enhance learning from hypertext-based instructional materials.

Employment upon graduating:
academicAssistant Professor of Educational Technology
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK

Current activity: ' Conduct and publish original research in the fields of educational technology, human-computer interaction, cognitive psychology, and instructional design; present results at national and international meetings. ' Design and teach courses in educational technology and human-computer interaction. ' Secure internal and external funding for the educational technology research team. ' Recruit graduate students; supervise graduate student education and research activities. ' Contribute to the development of the program's website, learning objects repository, and online courses for Stillwater and Tulsa campuses. ' Serve on departmental, college, and university committees.

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
Psych 521 The Cognitive Psychology of HCI
MIS 655 Organizational and Social Implications of Human Computer Interaction
IE 574 Interaction Techniques for Emerging Technologies

Favorite graduate school memory: I always enjoyed the Iowa State VEISHEA celebration in the spring.

HCI issues that interest me: Web usability and its effect on cognition and learning Cognitive load and cognitive flexibility in hypertext-assisted learning Psychophysiological assessment of user's cognitive processing during human computer interaction Cognitive modeling and adaptive interfaces Expertise development via Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

A website recommend, and why: Google Tech Talks:
Excellent compilation of videos of various visionaries and inventors sharing their ideas on current HCI issues.

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