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Lisa McGarthwaite
MS, Spring 2008

Home Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering

MS Dissertation title: BioN: a novel interface for biological network visualization

MS Advisor(s): Julie Dickerson

Area of MS research: Information Visualization impacts every day life. As life continues to become more technologically enhanced, increasing amounts of data are being collected, stored, and analyzed. Technology assists researchers and scientists not only to make new discoveries, but also to create new ways to explore the information they collect. This paper contains a small preview of the vast field of Information Visualization. From the various fields of visualization, visualization history, and current findings, we investigate the field's impact. After studying the current technologies and tools for visualizing networks, we believe there is a more optimal solution than ones currently in use. We propose BioN, a new, novel touchbased interface for exploration and discovery of large, multivariate biological networks. The new program incorporates the ability to see the networked data in multi-windowed and multigraphed representation. This ability will allow users to exploit the inherent strengths in the different graphs formats.

Employment upon graduating:
Software Engineer
Garmin International
Minnetonka, MN

Current activity: Maintain, develop, create applications for weather for mobile devices

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
ArtGR 672 and Stat/Eng 332

HCI issues that interest me: Information visualization, cognitive abilities for visual detection of objects (visual memory)

A website recommend, and why:
great site for infor vis examples from all fields

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