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Marcus Alexander
PhD, Spring 2008

Home Dept: LOMIS

PhD Dissertation title: Ethnic-identity intensity as a moderator of the Technology Acceptance Model and its antecedents

PhD Advisor: Anthony Townsend

Area of PhD research: The goal of this dissertation is oriented to study the motivation of minorities to adopt and learn new, innovative technologies. The primary research question: is there some reason the African-American experience is driving certain sub-groups of the population to the wrong side of the digital divide? To examine this, I introduce ethnic identity as a moderating variable to a leftward extended technology acceptance model (TAM). Additionally, both components of the classic TAM (ease of use and usefulness) are divided into two antecedents: 1) ease of use- a) trait efficacy and b) state efficacy and 2) usefulness (completely replaced by) - a) symbolic utility and b) functional utility. State efficacy has a significant relationship to both ease of use as well as intent to use. Functional utility has a significant relationship to intent to use. Ethnic-Identity and its intensity does have a moderating effect to a more parsimonious model (were significant paths are compared for invariance.

Employment upon graduating:
Course Director
Full Sail University
Orlando, FL

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