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Yuzhu Lu
PhD, Fall 2007

Home Dept: Ag and Biosystems Engineering

PhD Dissertation title: Methods for Augmented Reality E-commerce

PhD Advisor: Shana Smith

Area of PhD research: A new type of e-commerce system and related techniques are presented in this dissertation that customers of this type of e-commerce could visually bring product into their physical environment for interaction. The development and user study of this e-commerce system are provided. A new modeling method, which recovers 3D model directly from 2D photos without knowing camera information, is also presented to reduce the modeling cost of this new type of e-commerce. Also an immersive AR environment with GPU based occlusion is also presented to improve the rendering and usability of AR applications. Experiment results and data show the validity of these new technologies.

Employment upon graduating:
Interface Developer
Wolfram Research (Mathematica)
Champaign, IL

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