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Yifei Wang
MS, Spring 2005

Home Dept: Computer Science

MS Dissertation title: Human movement tracking using a wearable wireless sensor network

MS Advisor(s): Carolina Cruz-Neira

Area of MS research: Human movement tracking systems have been used in many fields, from medical rehabilitation to virtual reality user interfaces. Most movement tracking systems are expensive, difficult to implement, and lack flexibility. Furthermore, they tend to be cumbersome when wired, making them impractical for general purpose applications. Wireless sensor network technology has been developed and widely used in outdoor environmental monitoring applications, such as, in agriculture, sensor networks are used to provide early alerts for frost damage and help in precision harvesting to maximize crop quality. It has shown that wireless sensor network is effective, efficient, inexpensive, and easy to implement. This research proposes to utilize the advantages of wireless sensor networks in the field of human movement tracking. A wearable wireless sensor network is implemented according to the guidelines of wearable systems, and its performance is evaluated with respect to the number of sensors and the communications bandwidth. A test case application involving an interactive dance performance is discussed to validate the effectiveness of our wireless sensor network and how it integrates into a virtual reality application.

Employment upon graduating:
Technical Project Manager
Rockwell Collins
Nagoya, Japan

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