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Adam Faeth
MS, Spring 2009

Home Dept: Electrical and Computer Engineering

MS Dissertation title: Expressive cutting, deforming, and painting of three-dimensional digital shapes through asymmetric bimanual haptic manipulation

MS Advisor(s): Chris Harding

Area of MS research: Practitioners of the geosciences, design, and engineering disciplines communicate complex ideas about shape by manipulating three- dimensional digital objects to match their conceptual model. However, the two-dimensional control interfaces, common in software applications, create a disconnect to three-dimensional manipulations. This research examines cutting, deforming, and painting manipulations for expressive three-dimensional interaction. It presents a cutting algorithm specialized for planning cuts on a triangle mesh, the extension of a deformation algorithm for inhomogeneous meshes, and the definition of inhomogeneous meshes by painting into a deformation property map. This thesis explores two-handed interactions with haptic force-feedback where each hand can fulfill an asymmetric bimanual role. These digital shape manipulations demonstrate a step toward the creation of expressive three-dimensional interactions.

Employment upon graduating:
academicHCI PhD Research Assistant
Iowa State University
Ames, IA

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