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Roy Snyder
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HCI Certificate, Summer 2008

Employment upon graduating:
Manager, Enterprise Content Management
Des Moines, IA

Current activity: My team and I manage the static content, design, and UX for Wellmark's Web properties. We consult with internal clients regarding business objectives and content needs, we interface with users to conduct UX testing, and we consult with IT on UX issues for our Web-delivered applications.

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
All of them were beneficial in some way.

Psych 521x (Cognitive Psychology of HCI) provided a solid background in the neuroscience and research of HCI. I still quote studies - like

MIS437x (Project Management) was an excellent survey in project management and in using Microsoft Project. I was fortunate to be working on the planning for a large website redesign project at the time of this class; I was able to transfer learning from class to work in real time.

HCI 595x (Design of HCI) was a very immersive class. I've done Web design for nearly 15 years, but Professor Satterfield added an entirely new level of research and creativity to the process. In corporate environments, the design of webs is often established, so it was refreshing to approach a web / software design project from scratch.

MIS655 (Org & Social Implications of HCI) helped frame ethical discussions around computers, software, web, and access. I happened to be juror #3 in the class action lawsuit, "Comes vs. Microsoft, Case No. CL 82311" while I was taking this class. The course shed light on concepts like copyright, antitrust, and business ethics - the very topics that were debated in the courtroom every day.

Favorite graduate school memory: Stepping outside of Howe Hall as the ISU Marching Band rehearsed.

HCI issues that interest me: Transactional user flows Form development Social media - The effects and efficacy of "sound bite" communications - Rise of narcissism and impact on social "discourse"

A website recommend, and why: iGoogle
iGoogle - simplicity and personalization. I can do and find what I need to do quickly and easily - including putting gadgets on my homepage to do and find things even more quickly.

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