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Travis Engelhaupt
Online MS, Summer 2009

Home Dept: LOMIS

MS Dissertation title: Interactive Kiosk Demonstrating ISU's Commitment to Green

MS Advisor(s): Anthony Townsend and Stephen Gilbert

Area of MS research: Many larger organizations, corporations, and government institutions like Iowa State University are trying to find new ways to demonstrate their commitment to 'going green'. They are taking drastic steps to cut energy use and use new green technologies and they want their employees, customers, and the general public to be aware of their efforts. The goal of this project was to develop an informational kiosk which will visually demonstrate the progress being made by Iowa State University to go 'green' and become more energy efficient. The kiosk will provide users with historical and live energy statistics and engage users in learning opportunities to promote the university's green initiatives while building goodwill for the organization.

Employment upon graduating:
Founder/Technologist/3D Artist
Kung Pow Studios/Iowa State University
Ames, IA

Current activity: For Kung Pow Studios I own and operate a media/design studio. For Iowa State University I am the senior webmaster and manage all of the web-based initiatives.

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
MIS 655 since that was what started it all.
HCI 575 because it pushed me further than I thought I could go.
HCI 572x because it allowed me to have a lot of fun.

Favorite graduate school memory: Having to develop video games as part of my homework assignment.

HCI issues that interest me: The intersection of computers and art in emerging technologies.

A website recommend, and why: Google
it helps you find whatever you are looking for.

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