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Manoj Karkee
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PhD, Fall 2009

Home Dept: Ag and Biosystems Engineering

PhD Dissertation title: Modeling, identification and analysis of tractor and single axle towed implement system

PhD Advisor: Brian Steward

Area of PhD research: In the dissertation research, I have focused on the modeling and analysis of tractor and towed implement system dynamics. As virtual prototyping and model-based controller design are becoming increasingly valuable to the design process, this work will provide a good foundation for robust implement controller development and for further research in precision implement guidance, coordinated guidance and autonomous guidance of off-road vehicles.

Employment upon graduating:
Assistant Scientist
Iowa State University
Ames, IA

Favorite graduate school memory: Working several weeks in row inside a dark room (C4 or C6) with just a couple of hours of sleep each night prior to each and every Deere Day.

HCI issues that interest me: VR-based real-time simulation of complex off-road vehicle system dynamics

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