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Shanta Raj
Online MS, Spring 2010

Home Dept: Psychology

MS Dissertation title: Pulse: Emergency Management Information System

MS Advisor(s): Stephen Gilbert

Area of MS research: While technology advances have helped to improve emergency situational awareness, incident management, and data exchange within organizations, one difficulty that still remains today is communication between different emergency organizations. One reason for this is a lack of policy (data-sharing agreements) coupled with standard protocols and technology structures for coordination and communication across the entire emergency management community. Many individual systems have been implemented at various governmental (local, state, federal) and NGO levels, but there is no overarching platform for data exchange and communication for the entire emergency management community. Pulse is an Emergency Management Information System (EMIS). An EMIS is a computer system for emergency response that provides real-time, graphical, situational, and statistical information to the emergency management community.Though the long-term goal for Pulse is a scalable solution that can support all emergency management phases and types of emergencies, the scope of this project is limited to addressing the Respond emergency management phase for Incident Commander user groups. Pulse provides a standard way for data acquisition, aggregation and exchange by leveraging the open-source WSO2 SOA platform and EDXL (Emergency Data Exchange Language) messaging standards for backend processing. The user interface design explores a Common Operating Picture (COP) and basic incident management interface using Google Gadgets for Incident Commanders during the Respond emergency phase. The results from this work show the potential of how leveraging open standards for both backend processing and user interfaces could help to improve, simplify, and encourage inter-organization communication and data exchange.

Employment upon graduating:
Senior User Experience Designer
Axway Software
Paris, France

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