Jingsheng Zhang
PhD, Spring 2011

Home Dept: Statistics

PhD Dissertation title: A 3D model retrieval system: shape matching, database and query interface

PhD Advisor: Mack Shelley

Area of PhD research: The main objective of this research is to construct, analyze, and test new techniques for representing 3D-shapes, measuring similarity, and storing and querying polygonal mesh models. We have developed an effective and efficient representation of 3D models with octrees, as well as similarity measurement metrics, and the methods for storing 3D models in a relational database. The efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction study of the 3D model query interfaces was also conducted and a set of questionnaires for 3D query interfaces was developed.

Employment upon graduating:
Sr. Software Engineer
Arroweye Solutions
Chicago, IL

Current activity: Responsible to company's application architecture assessments, inspections, and application code reviews. Designed architectural components for initiatives, developed application designs and standards while leveraging the current architecture, IT infrastructure, and executed the legacy applications transition to new .NET architecture. Architected, designed, and developed the new generation of major applications: CRM, Content Management Tool, and Client Portal with bleeding edge technologies such as WCF and Silverlight.

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
IE557, IE572, CS562, IE584, Pych521x, Stat401, etc.

Favorite graduate school memory: Hands on experience with C4/C6. All the courses were full of fun. Open environment in the research lab.

HCI issues that interest me: 3D object recognization. Web application user interface & usability.

A website recommend, and why: www.hci.iastate.edu
There are always something new and something to learn about. I will benefit from it in future.

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