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Shane Griffith
MS, Summer 2011

Home Dept: Computer Engineering

MS Dissertation title: Separating containers from non-containers: A framework for learning behavior-grounded object categories.

MS Advisor(s): Alexander Stoytchev

Area of MS research: Object categorization is addressed using analogies from the field of developmental robotics.

Employment upon graduating:
academicPhD Student
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA

Current activity: PhD Candidate

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
Computational Perception HCI 575 and Developmental Robotics HCI 585

Favorite graduate school memory: A well known developmental psychologist served as a reviewer for one of my journal papers. In her "comments to the author" that I received when the paper was accepted, she signed her name in her review (reviews are usually anonymous) and said: "I commend the authors on a fantastic literature review of my domain. The authors accurately cite a broad array of the relevant literature. There were no relevant articles missing. I do not have any suggested changes because I think the literature is very good as it is. ...I was tickled by the unification of citations from people that are often perceived to be in opposing theoretical camps. ...I signed this review because I hope that the authors send me a copy when they get it published. I find the work fascinating and I would like to refer to their in my own work."

HCI issues that interest me: I want to create robots that are intelligent like how humans are intelligent.

A website recommend, and why:
I have lots of questions. This website has lots of answers.

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