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Wutthigrai Boonsuk
MS, Summer 2011

Home Dept: Psychology

MS Dissertation title: Evaluation of desktop interface displays for 360-degree video.

MS Advisor(s): Stephen Gilbert

Area of MS research: My research investigated the necessary display characteristics for a system such as mobile surveillance that allow observers to correctly interpret 360-degree video images displayed on a desktop screen. This research will assist designers of 360-degree video systems to design optimal user interface for remote navigation and observation in unfamiliar environments.

Employment upon graduating:
Northern Illinois University
Sycamore, IL

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
HCI 521 - The Cognitive Psychology of HCI.

Favorite graduate school memory: I had an opportunity to work and contribute on several challenging projects.

HCI issues that interest me: Combining HCI and GIS technology.

A website recommend, and why:
You may be surprised by what you may find.

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