Alumni Directory

PJ Campbell
MS, Summer 2012

Home Dept: Computer Engineering

MS Dissertation title: Practical Motion Planning for Aerial-Like Agents in Meta!Blast

MS Advisor(s): Drs. Eve Wurtele & Julie Dickerson

Area of MS research: Motion planning in complex three-dimensional virtual environments for agents with a high degree-of-freedom and limited computational resources

Employment upon graduating:
Software Engineer
Factset Research Systems
Norwalk, Connecticut

Current activity: Upon graduation, I started working at Factset Research Systems as a software engineer

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
Cognitive Psychology, Distributed Systems

Favorite graduate school memory: At VRAC, I was exposed to different technologies like developmental robotics and other interesting projects. I also learned how professional games are developed.

HCI issues that interest me: My interests include things like the use of AI to improve user experiences and any research dealing with developmental robotics.

A website recommend, and why:
You can search for the latest relevant news in technology using just keywords!

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