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Adam Faeth
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PhD, Summer 2012

Home Dept: Computer Engineering

PhD Dissertation title: Expressive Feedback from Virtual Buttons

PhD Advisor: James Oliver and Chris Harding

Area of PhD research: The simple action of pressing a button is a multimodal interaction with an interesting depth of complexity. As the development of computer interfaces to support 3D tasks evolves, there is a need to better understand how users will interact with virtual buttons that generate feedback from multiple sensory modalities. This research examined the effects of visual, auditory, and haptic feedback from virtual buttons on task performance dialing phone numbers and on the motion of individual buttons presses. This research also presents a theoretical framework for virtual button feedback and a model of virtual button feedback that includes touch feedback hysteresis.

Employment upon graduating:
Software Engineer Advanced
Siemens PLM
Ames, IA

Current activity: I research tasks and problems to learn about users and the software tools they use to get their work done. Then I try to build something that solves the right problem.

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
HCI 521 taught me HCI methods and iterative prototyping, which I use often. The best math class I took was ME 625 because it really connected abstract concepts and practical applications. Another important class was HCI 655, which exposed me to the different ways that people think about facts and information.

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