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Oliva Kar
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MS, Fall 2012

Home Dept: Computer Science


MS Advisor(s): Abhijit Chandra

Area of MS research: All current engineering prognostic practices require prior off-line tests. These are needed to: (1) Determine the exact conservative principle or utility function being satisfied, and (2) Determine associated material, geometric and process parameters. In addition, prediction of onset of instability or failure requires a failure criterion. The data driven prognosis (DDP) approach, developed in my thesis, obviates the need for such off-line testing and facilitates true predictive capability using only on-line data being sensed. A multi-physics model based on the concept of excess curvature is then developed to predict short-term and long term stability profiles of any system. The model is first validated against simple "Balloon Burst" experiment and later used for analyzing "Gulf Stream" and "Economics" systems.

Employment upon graduating:
Software Engineer
Cerner Corporation
Overland Park, KS

Current activity: Develop and maintain software that help in healthcare information management, patient health information management Develop and maintain software that help in healthcare information management , better patient management and overall healthcare system and overall healthcare system.

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
ARTGR 672B, COM S 573, HCI 591, HCI 655, HCI 504

Favorite graduate school memory: In totality one of the most favorite times of my life that I had enjoyed studying and being with friends. The most favorite memory is trying to finish COMS 511 homework every week before Friday 5 pm and rushing to the Computer Science building before 5 pm (as doors would close) and then eventually end up submitting it after 5 pm.

HCI issues that interest me: The issues that interest me lie in cognitive science domain. I am interested in knowing more about the way the mind stores information regarding emotions and knowledge, what actually happens when a person loses his memory. How does the brain work for average people, exceptionally brilliant people and people with criminal bent of mind?

A website recommend, and why: just for the fact it is a great search engine. Http:// Just because I feel some great work is going on here.

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