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Alfred Taylor
PhD, Fall 2012

Home Dept: Computer Science

PhD Dissertation title: Improving web accessibility for older adults based on error detection strategies

PhD Advisor: Les Miller

Area of PhD research: This research examines error detection strategies as a method for ensuring effective World Wide Web accessibility for older adults. It evaluates the underpinnings of web accessibility and their relevance to error detection strategies for the support of older adults. The research provides a contextual definition of computer systems and an account of how error detection relates to accessibility. The Error Detection System strategies focused on developing profiles of the participants. The profiles were used to modify webpages that the participant accessed. This research compares the performance of each profile, using a task list and error collection from the Error Detection System. Different error detection strategies that may be employed are presented, as well as their potential in the development of error detection strategies.

Employment upon graduating:
Information Technology Specialist
Department of Treasury
Dallas, TX

Current activity: The work of this position requires ensuring the integration of IT programs and services; developing solutions to integration/interoperability issues; designing, developing, and managing IT policy and planning functions that meet current and future business requirements, and apply or extend, enhance, or optimize the existing architecture; managing assigned projects; communicating complex technical requirements to nontechnical personnel; and preparing and presenting briefings to senior management officials on complex/controversial issues.

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
ArtGR 672, Psych 521 and Coms 575

Favorite graduate school memory: HCI Annual Symposium (Presenting Research)

HCI issues that interest me: Interface development for the impaired.

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