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Henry Navarro
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HCI Certificate, Fall 2012

Home Dept: Mechanical Engineering

MS Advisor(s): James Oliver

Employment upon graduating:
Software Engineer and User Experiene Designer

Current activity: Design and implementation of user interfaces, including, but not limited to usability, aesthetics, optimized code and adherence to best practices.

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
HCI521 (Cognitive Psychology of Human Computer Interaction) - a comprehensive exploration of the
human factors involved in HCI, such as memory, emotion, visual perception, with direct influences on user interface design.

Favorite graduate school memory: The general feeling that topics are studied both in-depth (due to the advanced level of the courses) and in broad range of perspectives (due to the diverse backgrounds of the faculty and students).

HCI issues that interest me: Usability, multiple screen sizes, social implications, HCI in healthcare, effective use of emerging technologies.

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