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Shayne Narjes
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PhD, Spring 2013

Home Dept: Supply Chain and Information Systems

PhD Dissertation title: Anthropomorphism and Word-of-Mouth Communication in Online Social Networks

PhD Advisor: Anthony Townsend

Area of PhD research: The research examined the potential for online social networks to provide the context for humans to anthropomorphize companies in a way that leads to new considerations of electronic word-of-mouth communication (eWOM); specifically, the possibility for organizations to be the initiator of the communication.

Employment upon graduating:
academicMarketing Instructor
South Central College

Current activity: I teach business courses.

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
HCI 522 with Dr. Kristi Costabile

Favorite graduate school memory: Working with Rachel Smith Graham in Dr. Correia's courses.

HCI issues that interest me: Word-of-mouth communication within social media.

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