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Christopher Sean Cordes
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PhD, Fall 2013

Home Dept: Supply Chain and Information Systems

PhD Dissertation title: Process protocols for virtual team effectiveness

PhD Advisor: Anthony Townsend

Area of PhD research: Study on the effect of process and display structuring on team decision performance, and attitudes about the team climate and procedures.

Employment upon graduating:
academicAssociate Professor
Western Illinois University
Macomb, Illinois

Current activity: Coordinate instruction services at Western Illinois University Libraries

What HCI classes were invaluable to my success?
ARTGR 595, PSY 521, MIS655

Favorite graduate school memory: Completing my manuscript

HCI issues that interest me: Team collaboration, usability

A website recommend, and why: NN/g Neilson Norman Group
It offers research and practical resources from two of the most renowned HCI scholars and practitioners

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