Chan, Chiu ShuiChiu Shui Chan
Title:  Professor Emeritus [ARCH]
Dept: Architecture

Email: cschan@iastate.edu
Tel: +1 952 201 0979
URL: http://www.public.iastate.edu/~cschan/

Affiliation: VRAC & HCI

Dr. Chiu-Shui Chan is a Professor of Architecture in the College of Design, where he teaches CAD modeling, rendering, animation, virtual reality application, and programming courses. He has been affiliated with the VRAC since 1996 and served as the HCI faculty since 2003. During these years, he completed the VADeT Project, Miller VR Library Project, Project Aware on Taj Mahal, NSF Beijing Project, and the AIA/AWL project. Dr. Chan's research activities have extended across various fields of architecture, cognitive science, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. For example, Dr. Chan's research interests includes the exploring computer simulation of design processes, examining the cognitive forces and mechanisms that generate an individual architecture style, experimenting with methods of applying computer graphics in design, and addressing the challenge of applying virtual reality as an evaluation tool to predict / assess any actual environment. Currently, Dr. Chan concentrates on finding/developing methods to maximize the sense of reality in his digital building models and implementing urban regulations embedded in the city models displayed graphically in the virtually immersive environment.

482 Design
715 Bissell Rd.
Ames, IA 50011-1066