UXLab Services


Lab services include hardware, software, consultations and training. to view a complete list of our inventory visit the inventory page.

Contact us, if you would like to learn more about our services, view the lab availability, or request to use the lab.

Usage of the UX Lab services is free for VRAC affiliates. We have rates for usage by other members of the ISU community and external users.

Service List

General User Experience Consulting – Do you want to learn more about how you can incorporate your users into more of your design and development decisions? Are you interested in developing a product or service that users find easy to use and keep coming back for more? Or do you just need help improving your current website? The dedicated team of lab user experience experts will work with you to customize a user-centered approach with the goal of improving your product/service.

Usability Testing – Usability testing is one of the most popular and widely adopted user-cenetered design methods. Usability testing is used to measure how users navigate and accomplish tasks on a system. A well-designed user test measures actual performance on mission-critical tasks and supports design decisions with real user data. The user experience lab experts will conduct usability testing on your site and give data-driven recommendations to improve your system.

Heuristic Analysis / Expert Review – Do you have a feeling that your site could deliver a better user experience? Do you think that your system could be easier to use for your customers but not sure how to improve it? The lab has experts who will review your product and give you recommendations for improvements based on design guidelines and UX best practices.

Interaction Design – Whether you are in the concept, beta, or full blow deployed stages of your product, the ux team can help to maximize the user experience for your system.

Prototyping – Prototypes are a low-cost representation of the user interface to a system. Prototyping is as a user-centered design method which may be used used to brainstorm, create, test and communicate design ideas about the system being developed. Prototypes can be low, medium or high fidelity. The higher the fidelity, the more representative the prototype is to the final design. Prototypes are used to test design ideas and helps reduce overall development costs. Prototyping is a good practice to reduce the resources need for redesign.

User Experience Research Consulting – Need help setting up your study? Need advice on the best variables to collect to measure user experience? Do you know what tools you can use to conduct ux research measure the user experience? The ux lab team can offer consultations on the tools and variables that will best support your research question as well as help you design your study and testing protocol.

Context of Use Analysis – Do you know the behaviors, processes and needs of your user base as they relate to your system? This information can be incredible valuable to bring optimum value to your customer. The UX lab team will go into the field and conduct user research for you resulting in recommendations about what your users want, when they want it and how they want it.

Contact us, if you would like to learn more about our services, view the lab availability, or request to use the lab.