Student Resources

Student Resources

Welcome, HCI graduate students, to your student resources page! This was designed to centralize and make the information and resources you need to navigate and excel in your HCI graduate degree program easily accessible. I will continue to add information that I believe will be useful or beneficial. Please do not hesitate to send me any recommendations or suggestions you might have. 

I will send pertinent announcements through to your ISU email.

Thank you!
Tiffany Kayser, HCI Graduate Program Coordinator

HCI Student Handbook

The HCI Handbook is a must-read for all HCI students. 

HCI Graduate Program Canvas Group Page

The following information is available for all HCI students. Please read through any of the module sections that pertain to you.

  • General Graduate Student Resources
  • New Student Orientation
    • Student Accounts
    • Online students: An introduction to your degree
    • Capstone MS Students Degree Timeline
    • Registering for Classes
    • Transfer Course Policy
    • University Bill (U-Bill) Information
    • Financial Aid and Alternative Funding Sources
    • Graduate English Requirements for Nonnative Speakers of English
    • Housing Option/Living in Ames
    • Getting Around Campus
    • Important ISU Offices
  • How-To’s For all HCI Graduate Students
    • How to Add and Drop Classes
    • Establishing Your Home Department
    • How to Submit your POSC
    • Internship Policies and Procedures
    • How to Schedule a Prelim or Final Oral Exam
    • Graduation Q&A
    • On-Campus International Student Q&A
    • How to Find Graduation Deadlines
  • Degree Requirements and Timelines
    • Online HCI Students
    • On-Campus MS Students
    • Ph.D. Students

Graduate College Forms

Frequently referenced Graduate College Forms are available on the Graduate College website.