HCI Administration

HCI Administration

HCI Administration consists of an interdisciplinary team of faculty, staff, and student representatives from departments across the university.


HCI Supervisory Committee Members

James Oliver

Mechanical Engineering

Stephen Gilbert

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Bernard Canniffe

Graphic Design

Jared Danielson

Veterinary Pathology

Sunghyun Kang

Graphic Design

Jonathon Kelly


Alexander Stoytchev

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Gary Mirka

Engineering Administration

HCI Program Coordinator


Tiffany Kayser

Program Coordinator


HCI Student Group

Alex Lim


Melynda Hoover

Vice President

Kaitlyn Ouverson


Jack Miller

GPSS Representative

Philippe Meister

GPSS Representative

Edwin O. Martinez Velazquez

Online Representative

Mahmood Ramezani

Online Representative

Mariangely Iglesias Pena

Past President