Eve Wurtele
Professor of Genetics, Development, & Cell Biology
VRAC Faculty Affiliate and HCI Graduate Faculty


Department: Genetics Development and Cell Biology
College: Agriculture
Phone: 294-2023
Contact: , home page


Meta!Blast: An Immersive Interactive Learning Module for Cell Biology


Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Large Scale Graphs for Biological Network Modeling

MetNet: Integrated Software for Arabidopsis Systems Biology Research

Visualizing and Modeling Global Expression Data

Visualizing and Modeling Global Expression Data

ITR: Display of High-Dimensional Metabolic Networks in the C6 Immersive Virtual Reality System

Center for Research on Dietary Supplements

Bioinformatic Tools for Extraction and Modeling of Signal Transduction Networks

Visualization of Gene Expression Data


A video game developed at Iowa State University is helping students understand biology better

Meta!Blast wins Honorable Mention in the 2011 International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge sposored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Eve Syrkin Wurtele decided the best way to get the attention of the science-deprived, gamer generation is to take the information out of a textbook and put it in a medium that kids crave - video games. Eve and her team developed Meta!Blast.

BIOLOGICAL VIDEO GAME: Multi-disciplinary effort produces video game for the life sciences.

100 million pixels of virtual reality

The most realistic virtual reality room in the world