Double Degree Options

HCI Degree Program

The HCI Graduate Program is pleased to offer the opportunity for students to pursue a double degree between our graduate program and two programs with the College of Design. Earn two degrees simultaneously while maintaining the high standards of both programs. In many cases, degree completion is lengthened only by one or two semesters.

The HCI Graduate Program currently offers the following double degree programs:

  • Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (M.F.A.) + Master of Science (M.S.) in Human Computer Interaction
  • Master of Industrial Design (M.I.D.) + Master of Science (M.S.) in Human Computer Interaction
  • Master of Arts in Interior Design (M.A.) + Master of Science (M.S.) in Human Computer Interaction

Steps to earning a double degree

  1. Once admitted to your primary program, please contact or the DOGE of your home department for double degree admission next steps.

  2. Once approved for a double degree, follow the instructions you are provided.

Note: New, incoming students should wait to apply for the double degree until their first term has started.

Important Information for a double degree

  • A double degree requires fulfillment of the requirements for two graduate majors for which two differently named master’s degrees and two diplomas are granted at the same time.
  • Double degrees require at least 24 hours of non-overlapping graduate credits in each major.
  • For double degrees with a thesis or creative component, the final project (thesis or creative component) must integrate subject areas from both majors.
  • The major professor can either represent both majors or two co-major professors can represent each major. The student must have a major professor (HCI faculty member) before they can be admitted to the HCI Graduate Program.
  • These double-degree programs are not offered online.