VRAC Outreach Activities

Educational Presentation in Howe Hall Auditorium

Join us for an engaging and informative presentation at the Howe Hall Auditorium. Our presentation provides insights into the innovative work conducted at VRAC and within the HCI (Human Computer Interaction) graduate program. We delve into the history of 3D visualization, exploring its evolution and impact. Witness firsthand demonstrations of 3D-enabled applications that showcase the cutting-edge technology we utilize. We are currently revamping this activity, so keep checking back for dates on the next event.  

Facility Tours

Facility tours are disruptive to the research operations at VRAC, and unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate most requests. While we are enthusiastic about promoting STEM education and outreach, the research activities within VRAC take precedence.  We are unable to provide tours for classes due to the numerous requests we receive each semester. 

Getting Involved

The best way to experience the inside workings of VRAC is to volunteer as a participant in a user study.   You will gain first person experience and participants are frequently compensated for their time

For those interested in organizing a presentation at your local educational institution or group, we recommend getting in touch with our HCI Student Group. They can assist in arranging talks, offering insights into our work, and fostering connections with your community.

Contact the HCI Student Group: hci@iastate.edu