Training and Workforce Development

Application Domain

Training and Workforce Development is one the key application domains at VRAC, aiming to initiate large-scale projects and secure funding for this crucial area. VRAC is committed to supporting core groups of faculty by providing them with the necessary resources to drive innovation and research in this domain.

Example research:

The scope of “Training and Workforce Development” at VRAC is extensive, encompassing a wide range of professionals from factory workers and engineers to doctors. The center is dedicated to exploring and advancing several critical aspects within this domain:

Human-Agent Teaming: VRAC is actively engaged in research and development efforts related to human-agent teaming, with applications spanning across industry, education, and the military. This involves studying how humans collaborate and interact with intelligent agents and autonomous systems in various contexts, ultimately enhancing teamwork and productivity.

Personalized Adaptive Automation: Within simulation-based trainers, VRAC is pioneering the concept of personalized adaptive automation. This approach tailors training experiences to individual learners, optimizing their skill development and knowledge acquisition. By utilizing VR and simulation technologies, personalized adaptive automation aims to create highly effective and efficient training programs.

Just-In-Time (JIT) Training: VRAC recognizes the importance of rapid skill acquisition to meet the demands of modern workplaces. JIT training is a cornerstone of their efforts, offering workers the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills quickly and efficiently. This approach ensures that employees can become immediately productive in their roles, addressing the fast-paced nature of many industries.