Research Participants Needed

Needed: research participants for a study about Virtual Reality collaboration. This three-part study pays participants up to $10; 18+ and in the US only, please! We need people with tethered VR or with a broadband internet connection!

The total study time is about 85 minutes over two weeks, broken up as follows:
Part 1: A short (3 minute) screening survey
Part 2: The 1st session of the study (50 mins), plus informed consent and a pre-session survey (5 mins)
Part 3: The follow-up session (15 mins), 1-2 weeks after the 1st session

You must have:
        •  a webcam
        •  a gaming-ready computer
        •  willingness to use Zoom
        •  willingness to download a game
        •  a broadband internet connection
        •  a VR headset [optional]

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