Summer Program for Interdisciplinary Research and Education

2006 Summer Program for Interdisciplinary Research and Education
Research Symposium Posters and Videos
Funded by NSF Grant IIS-0552522.

Research Projects

Addiction Education Using Science and Technology (AEST)

Faculty: Derrick Parkhurst, Amy Wisniewski,

Mentor: Kimberly Weaver

REU Interns: Natalie Greco, Michelle Reinke, Andrea Schwager

Meta!Blast, exploration of a Virtual Plant Cell

Faculty: Eve Wurtele

Mentors: Diane Bassham, Julie Dickerson, Steve Hernnstadt, David Kabala, Jamie O`Rourke

REU Interns: Tyler J. Brown, Nichole Jensen, Erica Zbornik

Haptics-Based Interactive Product Development in Virtual Reality

Faculty: Judy Vance

Mentors: Andrew Fischer, Dao Vo

REU Interns: Nick Hammonds, Dipayan Mitra, Garland Trice

A Multi-Touch Table for Command and Control

Faculty: James Oliver, Eliot Winer, Alexander Stoytchev

Mentors: KC Dohse, Tom Batkiewicz

REU Interns: Rob Dixon, Adam Lavely, Neil Roberts

Baublock – The 3D Sketchbook

Faculty: Derrick Parkhurst

Mentors: Dennis Dake

REU Interns: ChenRu Zheng, Josh Mahan, Tabitha Johnson