Summer Program for Interdisciplinary Research and Education
Emerging Interface Technologies


Summer Program for Interdisciplinary Research and Education
Emerging Interface Technologies

HCITshirtSPIRE-EIT is a 10-week research experiences for undergraduates program that combines classroom training with hands-on research projects. Come to ISU’s Virtual Reality Applications Center and create new technological solutions to challenges in human computer interaction. Interns accepted into this program receive on-campus housing and a meal plan, as well as a $4000 stipend.

Funded by NSF Grant IIS-0552522.

Research Projects

Magic Table





MagicTable_Paper.pdf – Implementing Augmented Reality into the Gaming Industry on a Desktop Display Interface.

YouTube Video

Robot Learning




RobotLearning_Paper.pdf – Evaluating the Effects of Haptic and Visual Feedback on the Teleoperation of Remote Robots

YouTube Video

Biology in VR





BiologyInVR_Paper.pdf – Enhancing Game Realism via Particle Models, Character Skeletons, and Contextualized User Interface

YouTube Video

People – Interns and Staff.  (Directory.pdf)


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