Human Computer Interaction Graduate Program

Human Computer Interaction Graduate Program

Overview of the Human Computer Interaction Graduate Program

The study of the relationship between humans and computers has quickly become one of the most dynamic and significant fields of technical investigation. Iowa State University’s graduate program in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is an established leader in this rapidly evolving field, making strategic investments to accelerate research, attract talented students and faculty, and expand the program of study.

Interdisciplinary by definition, HCI impacts nearly every area of our lives. The HCI graduate major reflects a broad recognition in academia and industry of the need to train researchers to meet the challenges created by today’s breakneck pace of technological progress. HCI graduate students benefit from interacting with ISU faculty from departments representing every college in the University as well as researchers at the Virtual Reality Applications Center.

HCI Graduate Program Learning Goals — Every HCI student should be able to:

  • Design and evaluate systems with a user-centered design lens
  • Participate in a multidisciplinary product development team
  • Choose and apply an appropriate user-centered design approach
  • Identify key players and organizations in HCI
  • Use theories and models in the HCI field
  • Describe emerging technology trends

The interdepartmental graduate major in HCI provides advanced education and training while fostering research excellence in HCI at ISU, offering three graduate program degrees as well as a postbaccalaureate certificate.


  • “Iowa State University’s Human-Computer Interaction graduate program has facilitated my professional career by providing cutting edge facilities and through encouraging multidisciplinary collaborations. Our interactions with computing technologies are going to rapidly change over the next decade and this program has allowed me a glimpse into that exciting future.”
    – Jeremiah Still (Alumnus), HCI PhD
  • “The coursework of ISU’s HCI program provides an excellent preparation for working in the industry. Thanks to connections I made through the program, I had an opportunity to interview for a summer internship. Much of my interview focused on projects and topics covered by HCI 521, the introductory HCI class. Thanks in part to this preparation, my interview went successfully, and I look forward to an internship with Microsoft conducting usability research this summer.”
    – Michael VanWaardhuizen, HCI MS student