Online Graduate Certificate in Human Computer Interaction

HCI Degree Program

The Human Computer Interaction Graduate Program at Iowa State University offers an online Graduate Certificate in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Through distance learning, students working in the private or public sector can take courses to learn more about HCI without having to travel to the ISU campus to study or commit to a full graduate program. 

At A Glance

Length of Program: 12 credits/4 courses; can be completed in 9-12 months.

Program Tuition and Fees: $818/credit hour + technology fee

Application Deadline:  July 15 for Fall, December 15 for Spring, and April 15 for Summer

Format: Online


Students earning the certificate will help to fill the current and future needs for professionals trained with information technology skills in industry, academia, and the government. The objectives of the program are to provide the student with (1) An understanding of emerging human computer interface technologies, (2) An understanding of human cognition, behavioral methods, and usability techniques, (3) The ability to articulate societal and ethical issues related to human computer interaction, (4) An overview of the latest human computer interaction research in multiple disciplines.

Application Process

  • To start the application process, you can apply online. Admission requirements can be found here.
    • Applications will not be reviewed for admission until the application is considered complete. Required materials include:
      • Application
      • Resume/CV
      • Transcripts/Academic Records
      • Three letters of Recommendation
      • Statement of Purpose: Please submit a one-page statement highlighting your motivation, experience, and career goals.
      • Earn a bachelor’s or higher degree from a country where English is the only official language OR English proficiency exam.
  • The program requires that admitted students have undergraduate degrees from an accredited university with a GPA of 3.0 or equivalent. International degrees must be comparable to a US bachelor’s degree or higher from a college or university regionally accredited/recognized by the Ministry of Education in that country.
  • 3-year degrees from India, Bangladesh, Canada (excluding Quebec), Nepal, and Pakistan are not accepted. 3-year degrees from other countries are reviewed on an individual basis.
  • GRE is optional for all students.
  • International applicants must submit an English proficiency exam score; the score must meet or exceed the minimum. The English exam minimums can be found at this link.
    • The English exam requirement may be waived if a bachelor’s or higher degree is earned from a country where English is the only official language.
  • The demonstrated ability to write software competently. This requirement can be met during your course of study in the program. Students may still apply to the program if they do not have programming skills. These skills can be developed after the student has been admitted to the program and will be demonstrated by successfully completing one of the implementation courses.

Contact Information

For questions about the HCI Certificate, please contact the HCI Program Coordinator by e-mail at, or phone at 515-294-2089.