Health and Public Safety

Application Domain

VRAC is dedicated to leveraging technologies to enhance healthcare practices and public safety. VRAC are actively engaged in pioneering solutions that improve food safety, animal health, medical training and emergency response strategies. Through immersive simulations and innovative applications, we are developing tools that enable more efficient procedures, diagnosis, and therapeutic interventions. In the realm of public safety, VRAC’s research aims to optimize disaster preparedness and response, law enforcement training, and urban planning for safer communities. 

Example projects

Food safety/ quality

  • Researchers at VRAC are pioneering novel solutions that enable real-time food quality assessments, precise traceability of products, and improved training for food industry professionals. This research is instrumental in addressing pressing challenges such as contamination detection, supply chain transparency, and compliance with regulatory requirements. VRAC is shaping the future of food safety and quality assurance, ensuring safer and more reliable food production processes while minimizing waste and enhancing consumer confidence in the food supply chain.

Precision agriculture and water quality / safety

  • VRAC is creating sophisticated tools that enable precise monitoring and management of agricultural processes. This research is empowering farmers to optimize crop yields, reduce resource waste, and mitigate environmental impact. In the arena of Water Quality and Safety, VRAC’s innovative solutions employ VR and AR to enhance water quality testing and contamination detection, ensuring access to safe drinking water and the preservation of aquatic ecosystems. Through these interdisciplinary efforts, VRAC is driving advancements that promote sustainability in agriculture and safeguard our vital water resources, underscoring its commitment to solving critical global challenges through cutting-edge technology.

Personalized health, fitness and body performance

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