Washable nanotechnology

Dr. Jonathan Claussen’s research group develops laser-treatment process that allows them to use printed graphene for electric circuits and electrodes — even on paper and other fragile surfaces. … Continue reading

Sulaiman wins best poster presentation award

Adel Sulaiman, PhD student with Dr. Stephen Gilbert, was awarded best poster presenter by the Graduate and Professional Student Senate at the 5th Annual Graduate and Professional Student Research Conference held April 11, 2018 in the Memorial Union. … Continue reading

HCI grad develops app for athletes

Spring 2015 MS graduate, Vincent (Vince) Sonson, turned his capstone project into a startup developing a mobile app, Balance Position, to help college athletes maintain a healthy balance.  See the feature story at http://www.cmu.edu/piper/stories/2016/september/balance-position.html.     … Continue reading