HomCam_IMG_2310Soldiers’ vision in the field is limited to their line of sight making them susceptible to miss dangers in their peripherals or behind them. Technology created by the Virtual Reality Applications Center can help correct this issue.

The HomCam is a helmet with four cameras positioned around it. These cameras broadcast high quality video streams over Wi-Fi in real time, covering all 360 degrees around the wearer. This means that someone watching the video streams from afar can communicate with a soldier wearing the HomCam to help monitor all of the soldier’s sides.

The HomCam has non-military applications as well. Construction engineers are interested in the helmet because contractors sometimes take on projects that they can’t visit on a regular basis. Using this new technology, a contractor could get on the phone with someone wearing a HomCam at the project site, and use the HomCam’s feed to survey the construction site from a distant location.

Educators are also interested in the HomCam. This is because the helmet opens up the possibility for virtual field trips. For example, it’s impractical for an American class studying China to visit the Great Wall, but with some coordination they could receive a tour from a guide wearing the HomCam while walking along the Great Wall.

In essence, the HomCam allows for additional sets of eyes to reach places where it would be impractical or impossible for them to otherwise be. The benefits of this for security, industry, and education are significant and have the potential to improve many professions and lives.